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against safeway's plan to expand. >>> it's still fog free in san francisco, it's fog free at the coast. your weekend is basically here. when does the fog return and when does it cool off? i'll have all the specifics. ; >>> the bodies of two missing men were found in indianapolis. they were found on august 22nd in a wooded area of indianapolis. investigators say both men had suffered head trauma. the person who discovered the shallow grave said there were also several hundred dollars near by. >>> the family says the woman was pregnant with twins. the bodies were found inside their home on aferton streets. their 2-year-old son was in the house but was not hurt. family and friends identify the man as deshon asai and they said he was trying to take care of his growing family. >> i love him to death. my kids loved him. he was a good person as far as we know. and i don't know what happened and i just, i grieve for the family. >> reporter: no arrests have been made, two men were seen running from the house moments after the shootings. >>> one of the men shot by vallejo police officers early t
at safeway with a shopping cart full of groceries and year she pulled up in the getaway car and would take off >>> to the girl know what she was doing was wrong? >>> absolutely but she did not want to disappoint her mom >>> a shopping cart locked up when the story triggered an alarm >>> she knew what she was doing at left there on purpose she sacrificed her daughter for a gain she left her daughter >>> i don't get it >>> he saw please take the girl into custody and thought her reaction was unusual >>> there was no demotion from the little girl she was stonefaced very strange >>> she called her daughter cellphone a morgan hill police officer answered and he said come get your daughter and she said no >>> and at we have no comment >>> the girl lives with her grandmother and is not face charges the girl did not talk on grandmother but says her daughter is now depressive >>> with kind of mother would do this? >>> not a very good one >>> and those kind of the individuals to not deserve to have children that little girl does not deserve that parent >>> the getaway car my green ford explorer with
safeway. on the outside perimeter of the building 10,000 square feet of retail would face college avenue. this summer the oakland planning commission tkpwaef the safeway project the green light. >> we were gratified to get out 5-0. unanimous vote which was really, you know, telling about the city's support for this project. >> reporter: but the rock ridge community planning counsel, a neighborhood nonprofit is fighting the plan. they are not opposed to a new safeway but they want something smaller. >> if you bring it down you don't have the traffic impacts any more. >> we know our customers and what they want. they want a full-service grocery store. >> reporter: the neighborhood group started the rock ridge legal defense fund and began accepting online donations. they appealed to the decision now hoping to raise $50,000 to $70,000 to sue safeway. >> now all in the hands of oakland city council. they will have to vote on when to go ahead with the new safe way here or stop the project in its tracks. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a string of earthquakes hit china killing 60 people
. >>> overnight news san leandro police are looking for the armed robbers that stunned safeway shoppers by rushing the checkout lines and grabbing money from the registers. ktvu eric is live. >> reporter: it was bold. we can tell you employees are back here getting ready to reopen this morning. the store is closed for about another hour. it has been shut down since several men busted in here last night. as many as five armed men came into this safeway around 9:00 and proceeded to rob the checkout stands. talking to investigators overnight they tell us it all happened very quickly. these men were able to pull off the robbery in a matter of minutes. in this video you see, you can see detectives inside the store along with employees. it's not clear whether customers were there at the time. we were told no one was hurt. managers are still falllying up exactly -- tallying up exactly how much cash was stolen. one of the next steps is to take a look at surveillance video from inside this safeway. when we last spoke to them they were not sure if these suspects were wearing masks. in the last hour i talked
. this safeway in the 3800 hundred block of georgia avenue, last in the city with the old arch design closing to make way for a new redetail building to be completed in 2014. a bigger safeway on the ground floor and apartments above. it's the kind of change that many in petworth seem to have become comfortable with. >> diversity in the area makes it a little safer. >> the reason we moved here was because of diversity. >> reporter: diversity. in other parts of the city, justification. why the different perception here in petworth? >> nothing's happening by accident. >> the council member attributes a conclusive process issued in the change. >> the community, government, development community working together to make sure we have the type of dwhaechlt we want. >> reporter: while the starbucks plan for inside the new siafewa may mot be welcome by merchants that have been here, a certain thing residents think will be preserved. >> i like that the seniors are still represented in the neighborhood in their homes. >> this community is really, it's coming together, and really nice. it's good for ever
the requirements will have to pay back the money. . >>> safeway announced today it plans to take its gift card business public next year. safeway launched its prepaid gift card business back in 2001 under the name black hawk network holdings. the exact timing depends on market conditions. safeway is not offering any details yet on pricing. safeway said it met its sale by 16%. >>> ahead of an economic meeting in europe. the dow gained 11. nasdaq lost 5. european central bank leaders are planning to meet tomorrow to discuss policys to ease the debt crisis. >>> an international efsht is giving researchers a first comprehensive look at how our dna works. it says the finding by more than 500 scientists revealed a complex network that tell our genes what to do is when. researchers say the project is an encyclopedia of information that offers new insight into the biology. . >>> one of the oldest arenas in the bay area has a new look. the san francisco has invested over 2 million dollars to renovate the pa las in daily city. the improvements include new sound surgeries upgraded locker rooms and state
little details at this point but we understand an armed robbery took place at the safeway store last night at around 9:00. the store is now reopened for business. i spoke with one employee who did not want to go on camera. she said right around 9:00 last night she was coming to work when she saw several police cars in the parking lot and she heard an armed robbery took place as customers were still inside the store. we're still waiting to hear more details. police said all they could confirm was that an armed robbery took place. we're still trying to figure out the details of how that happened, how many were involved. we expect a press release earlier this morning. >> a nine year-old girl is conducted from our san mateo school. she is now safe and the suspected kidnappers behind bars but concerns about school safety remain top of mind. and is at the park side school where school administrators will address parents in just a few hours >> that meeting is at 830 and after an incident like this many things come under scrutiny. they found a gap in the fence and they are now fixing that, o
market during the night. the police investigation into what happened at this east bay safeway. >>> police discover hundreds of marijuana plants overnight in san jose. we'll tell you the surprising place they were found. >>> also analysts on wall street say the party is over. what they mean that is next as we take you live to the opening bell. i'm a professional stylist but styling my friend's is my favorite. they all love the latest trends but none of them want to pay full price. they each have their own unique style, so t.j.maxx is a great place because they have such an incredible mix of designers for so much less than the department stores. when my friends feel beautiful i just feel like i scored. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i'm a maxxinista and now so are all my girls. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are looking at the opening bell of the nasdaq this morning. and that is mexico's president filipe calderon. of course world leaders in for the meeting. we are talking about the parties over. a
soup and it's usually slippery. safeway, what do you think they have in there, kids? we will show you. bleach. okay. bleach is great i used it this afternoon to get my shirt white it's great. do we need this much bleach at home? no. safeway need it? probably not. look what they have across from the bleach. it says don't mix ammonia and bleach makes a gas. these are bad things to mix with bleach. who's got these under their sink in i do. everybody does. you want to separate the ones that don't go to together. how do you find out? read the labels. these are department of transportation placards, they are colored. they are all red. they have the sort of flame thing up there. the little number here and number here. we've got books in our rig that tell us what these are. based on a number. we will see a 1219, look in the book and say a truck carrying 1219 and it's leaking every where what do we have. george, we have 92 octane gasoline, that's not good. we call people and get help. we as volunteers are not going to be hazardous material people. you need to know this is red, it's flammable.
establishments, we didn't count whole foods or safeways, but just the non-formula. there are 60 in place right now. using the results that they found in the chicago study, it would result in 27 stores in that district closing. >> 27 stores? >> 27, two years after opening. and then the employment impact there is between 27 and 108 jobs. so again, that assumes 27 small businesses with 1:4 employees each. >> i'm sorry, maybe i'm reading this wrong. i see 17 in the next column. >> sorry, yes. i'm looking at another table. it's the next one. so yes. in the first year, you are right. 17 and the numbers i was giving you is the cumulative in the second year, which is the next slide. >> okay. >> 17 stores in the first year, 17 to 68 employees and you can see the impacts in other district as well. the thing i wanted to point out here is that this is assuming for each district that the store is located there. so this isn't a cumulative impact. it shows the worst effect or the biggest effect in the district where the store is located. and then as you go further out, the impact is lessened. in th
they needed more to investigate. >>> police are checking surveillance video at a safeway where five armed men robbed the checkout lines. they stormed the store at 9:00 last night. empty the register in minutes and got away. to one was hurt but the store closed while investigators looked for clues. >>> two men from sunnyvale are under arrest accused of stealing 49 laptops from facebook's old headquarters. brandon simon is a security guard that used to work at the palo alto campus. he was arrested with travis calhoun. a security guard notified them after he saw the two men carrying the laptops out of the building. now facebook completed its move to menlo park last year but still had equipment at that old location. >>> computer hacker group says it's targeting u.s. bank today. yesterday the same group targeted wells fargo's website. the bank says the cyber attacked caused some problems but customer information was not compromised. last week the group disrupted service on the bank of america and chase website. and today cyber attacks against u.s. bank is set to start at 7:30 this morning our time
,000. it will also get a written apology from the chancellor. several men armed with handguns stormed a safeway store looking for cash, it all happen during normal shopping hours, cate caugurian is here with more on the terrifying moment when those thieves crashed into that store. >> police call it a hostile takeover. five robbers stormed into the safeway and forced employees and customers to get down. >> i come in here once every two weeks and i cannot imagine having that happened. >> it happened at 9:00 last night, five men were wearing hoodies and bandannas and they held to cashiers at gunpoint and it looks like they were in their late teens or early 20s. the suspects were carrying black handguns and semiautomatic weapon. >> most of the robberies we experience are one or two subjects that tried to rob a one suspect. but to get a group of people to walk into a store is truly brazen and truly violent. >> employees tell us that the moments were intense as the suspects told employees and customers to get down on the floor and " don't be stupid ". this all happened very quickly, police said at a time i
. >>> the micro brew of choice for >>> a welcome renovation project in d.c.'s petworth neighborhood. the safeway in the 3800 block of georgia avenue is going to be torn down to make way for a new residential and retail building. it's the latest in a series of high profile changes in the area. it's expected to be completed in 2014. safeway will be closed starting next saturday. >>> big changes to metro's smart trip cards took effect today. if you register your card online, can you link it to a credit or debit card. that will allow you to recharge your smart trip account automatically. riders will now be required to keep a minimum balance of $1.20 on the card. if you register your card within five days, metro will give you a $3 rebate. ♪ >>> you may not know his name, but you probably know his songs. songwriter hal david died today in los angeles from complications related to a stroke. david along with his partner wrote dozens of top hits during the 1960s. both were recently honored at the white house by president obama earlier this year for their contribution to the arts. hal david was 91. >>>
hija de diez anos de edad para robar en una una tienda safeway... take vo -- la polica encontr a marcy keelin en el estado de nevada.. la mujer estaba prfuga, y esta tarde se llev a su hijo de 11 meses de una casa en morgan hill.. autoridades dicen que el beb fue hallado sano y salvo.. keelin haba hecho declaraciones suicidas, y la policia temia por el bienestar del menor. ---segun reportes, hace unos dias, marcy keelin llevaba un carrito con los productos en un supermercado safeway y pidio a su hija que esperara en la puerta mientras ella recogia el auto, sin embargo, nunca regreso por la menor... stop for open jaime ---nuestra encuesta t48 de hoy gira en torno a este tema... take fs ---la pregunta es... ---que castigo merecen los padres que utilizan a sus hijos para robar?... jaime ---esta noche, decenas de personas se congregaron en novato para jaime ---esta noche, decenas de personas se congregaron en novato para recordar a la joven que fallecio luego de ser atropellada take vo ---haily ratliff, de doce anos, viajaba en su bicicleta de la escuela a su casa en direccion contraria so
and a friend of hers had had the same problem. >> so did we. we join her on a trip to safeway and we were overcharged for one of the very same items that she has complained to management about three times. >> overcharges are not uncommon. >> the part of weights and measures says the safe areas not only one charging more than the advertised price of. but 3 percent of all purchases resulting overcharges. >> that is billions of dollars in consumer spending. >> every year in overcharges? >> a piece as they find both over and undercharging at various retailers across the state. most of which goes on notice because people not bother to check receipts. >> that will perpetuate the problem. >> he says that consumers and should always check receipts and contact with and measures of the find a discrepancy but instead julie contacted us and we call weights and measures. investigators went back the next day and found three different price errors. safeway tells us that two of those were human errors and the third was priced incorrectly. the employee that made the errors has been trained and as for the
this is the second burglary keiland has committed at a safeway with her daughter. investigators have surveillance video of them shoplifting two weeks prior to this incident. she's described as being 5'11", brown hair and brown eyes. she's known to drive a green ford explorer with wyoming license plates 41118. morgan hill police would like you to give them a call if you have seen them. >>> time is now 6:05. new reports this morning connecting al-qaeda to the deadly attack on the embassy in libya. also, republicans are demanding to know what the obama administration knew before the attack. coming up for you at 6:15, we'll take you live to our washington, dc bureau on how this controversy is growing. >>> nobel peace prize winner, the opposition leader from burma comes to the bay area. she's at an event organized by silicon valley tech billionaires. it will also feature other global activists. then tomorrow, she'll be at the university of san francisco. she will be addressing the local burmese community. the tour included meeting president obama. >>> the u.s. postal service says this coming sunday it
robbed a safeway store last night about 9:00 p.m. police say the men ordered customers and employees to get down and then grabbed cash from the registers. one person said the area is a good neighborhood but there are some problems. >> it will happen. you know, it is bound to happen. you know, you have people that get mugged out here, cars get broken into it. it happens. my car got stolen one time. >> they were all black men in their 20s. no one was hurt. >>> san jose police raided a building after a record that marijuana was growing inside. someone making a maintenance check spotted the marijuana plants and called police. they found 250 plants inside with a street value of $250,000. a neighbor noticed a weird smell seeping into his own business. >> next door they had a lot of condensation in the windows. maybe we thought that was going through our walls. >> so far there are no reports of arrests. >>> in san jose police are looking for two men suspected of beating a cook last night. the cook was found outside las palapas before 11:00 p.m. after he went out to smoke. police think the b
? >> no. >> reporter: the duo was at safeway last wednesday, when keelan filled up her shopping cart, told her daughter to wait outside. safeway employees confronted the young girl. >> the mother saw that from the parking lot and took off, leaving the 10-year-old behind. >> reporter: detectives say this was the second time in as many weeks she and her daughter shoplifted at the same safeway. after interviewing the young girl, police say she knew something was wrong. >> she revealed she knew it was wrong, but she didn't want to disappoint mom either. >> reporter: while the search for keelan dins, her mother gave us insight into her daughter's state of mind. >> my daughter's manic depressive, i think she's in a manic phase. that's really all i want to know. >> marcy was last seen driving a green ford explorer with a wyoming license plate. here is the license plate number. it is 411118. there's four one's in there. 4-11118. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >>> new at 11:00, gangs, drugs and now prostitution. parents in one san jose neighborhood are fed up. tonight they're taking action. an
. >>> detectives are checking surveillance video at a safeway where five armed men robbed the checkout stands. the store is open now but it was closed closed overnight. officers say men stormed the safeway about 9:00 last night, emptied the registers in minutes and got away. one man we spoke to said the store is in a good neighborhood but there is a bad element. >> people right down the street in drug houses. >> no one was hurt. store clerks are tallying up how much cash was stolen. >>> one is in custody after a reported carjacking incident in milpitas. ktvu cameras caught the suspects being arrested yesterday afternoon. police say a suspect, graves, stole a car. they say he was arrested and found with a backpack that contained a loaded gun. >>> in just about an hour from now, iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, will address the united nations general assembly in new york. but israel doesn't like the timing of today's speech. coming up for you at 7:15, we'll tell you why. you'll also hear what iran's president is saying about new threats from the united states. >>> back here at home, a new
leandro. it happened at the safeway store last night. the men stole cash and then hit the road. j.r stone has more this >> this lieutenant is describing what happened inside of this san leandro safeway. >> they yelled at the patrons and employees to get down on the ground. asked >> at a closed door meeting with administrators and police, many kurds express outrage or the incident, a nine year old girl was groped by a man inside a girl's restaurant. the girl escaped without injury. a suspect is now in custody but parents are angry that among other things they did not find out about the incident until that evening. >> why did they lockdown the school and let the children come out one at a time? that was my biggest concern. >> it happened to 40 5:00 p.m. not until 7:00 p.m. or we alerted? it is disturbing. >> this should have never happened. they should not have waited. >> school administrators say parents can expect changes in the emergency notification procedures. other new security measures include a block the gates that were previously kept open during school hours and the strict
. >>> the oldest original safeway store in the district is going to shut its stores. the crews will tear it down in the northwest to make way for a new residential and retail building. it's the latest in a series of high profile changes in the petworth neighborhood. the new development will feature a bigger safeway on the ground floor and apartments above it. neighbors are excited about these changes. >> i like that, you know, the seniors are still represented in the neighborhood, in their homes. >> this community is really -- it's coming together. and really nice, it's good for everything. the senior citizens. all the hbusinesses in this are. >> the safeway closes on saturday and the new store will open in 2014. >>> police have identified the woman found dead in prince georges county. police say 22-year-old lizet martinez-alvarez was found dead in a park. and she was identified after pictures of some of her tattoos were released. still no suspects or even a motive in this case. >>> the faa is investigating a deadly crash during an air show in iowa. an eyewitness said three jets were flying in f
including the fatal stabbing of a man inside of a safeway store. the killings were gang-related according to police the. now, residents have seen more police on the streets and they feel that the officers who are keeping a gang members and their violence under control. >> ids even more people pulled over, more motorcycle cops. >> i do not see as many groups hanging down on the street >> in response to the community average, the san jose police department started new policy of all gangs, all the time. >> we are expecting fog to roll in overnight. its widespread '50s will be the morning lows. we are expecting a lot of sunshine with warmer temperatures compared to today and a further warming as we head into the work with. temperatures currently in low 50s in san francisco, 58 in oakland. we are expecting a beautiful afternoon tomorrow. >> amazon held a press conference showing off new you readers, new tablets and that they have lowered the price of their entry level devices. >> coming up later in the broadcast, mccarthy hit with a line drive yesterday. [ female announcer ] they can be
vegetables. it takes different the new vessels from your safeway or trigger joes were mass-market restore >>> >>> local is very important >>> and asking class you teach this week year to a local. and what they say about organic is that important? >>> i was it's important to be secondary to supporting your local farmers and knowing how to practice >>> the other question that comes on the heels of the people say and not on pesticides and pesticides on the organics as well? >>> an acura sure. >>> of their much lower. >>> what came out in the study was that the regular stuff the not organic stuff was not an acceptable level but was worried at about what is unacceptable. if you have health issues at part of your health issues it's really pressed to talk to a farmer and the farmers market and find out how they are firming, care pesticide's use and what levels they're using and be knowledgeable about it. arm yourself with knowledge that is the most important thing you can do >>> you brought some things that look wonderful that there was not talking right now of being carried but a lot of kids to
'am? [ female announcer ] find progresso light for a great price today at your local safeway store. >>> well, pull out those dancing shoes. the hit phenomenon is back. this time "dancing with the stars" fan favorites are returning to the stage for another chance of victory fresh on the heels of a big emmy win. tom bergeron talks to abc's david wright about the star-studded lineup. >>> welcome to "dancing with the stars" the all-stars -- >> tonight the host of america's favorite ballroom show has a new dance partner himself. the winged woman on that emmy statuette tom bergeron took home last night an award p bergeron won for making "dancing with the stars" smooth as all of those dance moves. >> a celebrity ballroom competition, really. when i was first pitched the show i thought this can't work. this is a porch of people coming out of their comfort zone as a lark. >> reporter: on live tv the unexpect unexpected does happen. planting a big wet kiss right on the lips. bergeron handled it with star. a few weeks back marie osmond hit the stage with her samba -- right after the samba -- >> that wa
-old christian hall.bates stole a steak knife froo a local safeway and chased hall to his apartment, stabbing him 10 times. sentencing is set for december. prosecutors are reccomending he spend 60 years in prison. poliie make an arrest in last weekssshooting on the campus of mmrgan ssate university.... 20 year old kelly lamont ellerbee of chinquapin parkway faces attempted first degrre murder and relaaed charges for the non fatal shooting of a 19 year at the sttdent ceeter.the victim.. michael campbell was visiting his cousin... a footbbll player at morgan state.police are holding a press conference right now... we have a ccew on the scene and wiil update you on fox 45 news at 5:30. new this hour...an anne arundel county middle school student was found with a b.b. gun and aaseven inch knife on board the sshool bus. police say he was taken into custody police say the weapon was . discharged at the bus stop, and a 13 year old was struck... but not seriously hurt. prosecutors and debt collectors workkng together. it's a trend that is on the upswing across the country according to a recent new york t
know k cups? safeway is now making those and there are a bunch of coffees and apple sider and a bunch more, you're going to get a free box this is a good price you're going to get them free. >> that is a great deal this is birth and baby fair being held at fort mason in san francisco tomorrow only and there is a free ticket. this is really fun if you're an expectant parent or there is gifts and there is a good time. a lot of demonstrations, lectures and local organizations and it's worth checking out if you have a young one. >> and what if kids are grown? >> how do we get that stuff? >> there you go. >> at any time you can log on to abc 7 news.com. >> and there is more on the web site, i bet. >> we do. thank you. two additional item autos way to go. >> good hits. >> there is >>> coming up at 6:00 bikers gathering for the 20th anniversary of krift cal mass, will it be uneventful for a critical mess? and troubling shortages of two food banks that are low on supplies because the government hasn't lived up to kmimts for months and there is a silent movie revealing the bay areas past. >> t
"safeway" en "morgan hill". ---sobre "marcy keelin", de 38 aÑos, pesa una orden de arresto por sospecha de robo y por contribuir a la delincuencia de un menor. ---"keelin" conduce una camioneta "ford explorer" con placas de "wyoming", Úmero 4-11 11 8.---la niña quedó en custodia de su abuela. un niÑo de quinto grado llevo una pistola a la escuela primaria turner de antioch y aparentemente le apunto a sus compaÑeros de clase... al verse descubierto, a la salida, escondio el arma y se fue a su casa, autoridades escolares encontraron una replica de una pistola que disparaba balas de plastico, los padres y el niÑo fueron citados a la escuela, pero hasta ahora, se desconoce cuales son las consecuencias que van a enfrentar... ---ayer, la poliÍa arresÓ a dos adolescentes por presuntamente iniciar un incendio en un parque de "antioch".---el pasado 17 de septiembre, el fuego destruÓ toda unaÁrea de juegos en el parque ubicado en la cuadra mil de la calle "a".---un joven de 17 aÑos y otro de 14 permanecen en el centro de detencÓn juvenil de "marÍnez", bajo sospecha de incendio premedita
east of rain now she had been on the run nine days, she left her daughter at safeway holding the bag after the tried to steal a cart of groceries the daughter is with her grandmother and will not face charges her a 11 month old son in protective custody. a spare the air day today ahead of the mini heat wave roberta gonzales with more >>> never a good thing you can see the air you breathe we had haze inland areas tomorrow second consecutive spare the air day primarily all locations away from the bay, and immediate seashore, it looks like unhealthy levels of ozone in atmospheric tomorrow through monday 9:00 p.m. aug. temperatures of the year highs in the mid-90s and triple digits at inland locations, new highs anticipated, we look at the temperatures we see the inland areas the area's we anticipate record highs tomorrow san jose, triple digits livermore, possibility of a new record of 104 in livermore monday will pinpoint the hottest day this week coming up. >>> rough-and-tumble politics in richmond scuffle between city council member and an activist and it with more arrest candidates'
at a safeway when it tried to steal a cart of groceries the daughters with their grandmother in will not face charges her a 11 month old son is in custody. excessive heat warning for inland areas only expected to get hotter this week and roberta gonzales tracks it for us >>> we jump from 4-15 degrees in comparison to yesterday only 67 degrees in livermore. in san jose the a warm spot jumped 10 degrees along the embarcadero today's high temperature in the city's 62 degrees the average size is 70 we had an influence of the d a marine layer this morning the heat watch is in effect tomorrow through monday 9:00 p.m. all areas highlighted in yellow. those locations will be the hottest, '80s and '90s and the peninsula 98 in gilroy and morgan hill, hottest locations 102 in brentwood, santa rosa at 94 degrees. will talk more about watches and advisory's coming up. >>> rough-and-tumble politics in richmond a fight between the city council member and local activists and in punches and arrest. don knapp is in richmond with more. >>> mostly when politicians disagree things get noisy but last week outside
a peace march to work with the community. tomorrow night the march will begin on safeway road, and continue to cunningham park near raging waters. the safeway store was the scene of the first homicide 20 years ago. police say howard ryan attacked the man, stabbing him once in the chest. the killing was one of eight deaths in 11 days, marking one of the most violent stretches in san jose history. organizers of the march say it is time for the community to take a stand. >> we just wanted to get everyone together and just say we're fed up. and support our youth. let them know that we -- care about them. we care about their future. and about each other as a community. and that we can bring peace to san jose. >> the peace march on the city's east side starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning. >>> and an officer dead after a shooting. the officers spotted two men sitting inside a car on pepper drive, an area known for gang activity. police say the driver got out of the car and reached for what they thought was a handgun, and that is when officers opened fire. they say the suspect would not
of america is the best. grocery chain safeway has seen its profit margins pinched by high gasoline prices and higher food costs. today, it said it plans to spin off a portion of its gift-cards business called black-hawk network. it provides gift cards for other stores like j.c. penney. safeway shares have been trending lower since april. today they gained 4.3% to their highest price since july. the spin-off could happen in the first half of next year. three of the five most actively traded e.t.f.'s were down. the russell 2000 fund gained a fraction. the financial sector fund was unchanged. and that's tonight's "market focus." >> tom: still a week before voters cast their ballots for president. tonight's street critique guest has investors and traders already voting with their money. jeff kleintop is with us, from lpl financial. so here we go, several weeks to go. which direction do you think the investment market is leaning? >> you know, the markets based on our wall street election poll appear to be pricing in a status quo outcome for the election, based on our wall street election poll
and armed robbery happened at a safeway store here last night and shoppers were still inside. shoppers were still inside. eggs, bacon, and pancakes. denny's everyday value slam is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. >> we're live in san leandro where police say an armed robbery took place at a safeway store. i spoke with one employee and we will tell you what she has to say >> parents on edge after a nine year-old girl escapes the kidnapping on the peninsula. >> low clouds and fog a little bit t
with a cart full of groceries they were trying to steal at morgan hill safeway. >> coming up, a milestone in afghanistan, it marks the 2,000th death in the 11 year war. >> we'll check in on carmegeddon two, latest that has shut down a >> carolyn: the death of an american service member marks a grim milestone. 2,000 american troops have died in the 11-year road. a suspected insider attack by afghan forces killed the u.s. service member and a u.s. contractor. two afghan army members also died in the attack in the out post in eastern afghanistan. counted of u.s. troops killed there begin with the u.s.-led invasion on october 7th 2001. >> u.c. berkeley honored a graduate that died last month. christopher stevens was killed in a terrorist attack in libya. before yesterday's cal football game. he was honored with a moment of silence. the university has also announced the creation of a memorial fund in his name. >>> tonight in alamo, a previously scheduled dinner show is being turned into a fund-raiser to benefit the kenyon youngstrom fund. he was shot on interstate 680 on september 4th. tonight
only 17 bucks at safeway. a double ahead. belt drives and for the now to monet's six pack over the l.a. dodgers. >>> tonight stop five. at no. 5 ever been to bullfights? ford did write that the nationals beat the mets despite dead baby. nobody will confuse and the result and brett wallace with fred astaire and ginger rogers. he had to waltz of the game. give them to take its use southwest's for making nine cats and all he got was the tip. the dodgers with a beating st. louis did not for jason scats to rob luis 7 year-old and a cold sad said ukrainian record by a doing 4000 consecutive pushups in two hours and 29 minutes. and i can only honestly tell you that that kid would pull you ,,,,,,,,,,
paper bag purse. if you want to get in on the trend it will cost you $290. now, at safeway, they sell paper bags for $1.99. okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. this is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with special perks on united. get it and you're in. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "parenthood," lauren graham, emmy winning sportscaster, dan patrick, the music of the dunwells and "batof t
the winning ticket multiple times at release and safeway stores in the bay area >> i think he scanned it two or three times. two times in rayleigh's and one in the liquor store. >> word that the fremont quick mark was on a lucky streak and an $83 million jackpot is on the line brought a steady stream of customers and a range of reactions to the last big winner >> i'm playing but i never won so i feel good for him >> i would be on vacation so would be pretty hard to find me >> none was happier than a.j., who actually sold the winning ticket >> i'm so happy that god gave him a chance to make some die rich. it was my hand that gave him that ticket so i'm so happy. >> the winner said he did not know he had won the lottery and everyone was looking for him. when he did find out, it was three friend who saw his picture almost like a wanted poster. he saw his picture and said you are the winner, call them and that is exactly what he did. >> live at the oakland coliseum, the dream continues for the petaluma little league team. >> if you are heading to the coast, to the beach or santa cruz, tomorrow,
tied it for. brandon bell give that many 30 packets only 17 bucks at safeway. a double ahead. belt drives and for the now to monet's six pack over the l.a. dodgers. >>> tonight stop five. at no. 5 ever been to bullfights? ford did write that the nationals beat the mets despite dead baby. nobody will confuse and the result and brett wallace with fred astaire and ginger rogers. he had to waltz of the game. give them to take its use southwest's for making nine cats and all he got was the tip. the dodgers with a beating st. louis did not for jason scats to rob luis 7 year-old and a cold sad said ukrainian record by a doing 4000 consecutive pushups in two hours and 29 minutes. and i can only honestly tell you that that kid would pull you okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. this is no plan. really? [ mal
is holding a fund-raiser. they plan to be at the safeway store on business center drive just off green valley road. they will be collecting both new and used gift cards between 4:30 and 6:30 this evening. >>> a vigil is scheduled for 8:00 tonight for a 67-year-old clerk at this 7:11 -- 7/11 store in milpitas. it will be held outside of the store on north milpitas boulevard, where muhammed reza was shot and killed. police released surveillance photos of the robbers. you can see all three wore hooded sweatshirts and imagines. anyone with information isel ised -- masks. anyone with information is asked to call the milpitas police department. >>> contra costa county fire investigators are looking into a suspicious fire in antioch this morning. one of three in the same area in about 12 hours, and they say the fire began in trees behind the house on william reed drive. for -- firefighters say it might have started in a homeless encampment. neighbors say it's scary. >> you never know what's gonna happen. it starts and maybe your fence will go up and everything in your yard and home goes up. >> this
away products before. they're only found at deli section safeway, and there are all kinds of cheeses but this is one we're giving away today. there is a full thing worse and it's inexpensive but there is high culture we're talking about here. check this out. opera at the ballpark. san francisco opera web core builders and giants partnering to bring this live simulcast. and there is a building at at and t spark free. you can go down on the grass and watch or stay up in the seats and check it out. >> that is fantastic. how to get this? >> dial this number. then, i'll tell you. and you can log on and while you're there, there are two additional item autos more >>> coming up, michael fin gee back looking into how the fbi can get away with obtaining records without telling you. and the violence continuing to mount at western embassies and great divide between religious freedoms and tolerance. what is wrong with this picture? there is a group trying to bridge the racial divide in the great outdoor autos and that is go dog it for us. >> yes. world news is next. i'm larry deal. >> and from a
now, ripe, wonderful. you can go to safeway and buy a tomato for a certain price or go to the farmer's market and pay probably a higher price there are no tomato farms in san francisco. if you buy a tomato from a farmer down there probably that money is going out of the city. reducing money spent in san francisco. if you ran that through this model it would reduce jobs in san francisco. so if you are serious about this, then you shouldn't issue a permit to have a farmer's market in front of the building. of course people would tell you you are crazy. there are two reasons. one people believe it is their choice to spend money, if they want to spend more on the tomato at the farmer's market. second people can go and believe if they have the ability to buy organically grown, chemical and pesticide free vine-ripened tomatos that taste better and better for their family that is the choice they may make. similarly people may make a choice to spend money that leaves san francisco in some short-term way to stop the devastation of our planet by greenhouse gasses. the model doesn't account for
that needed assistance closer to christie field than the marina safeway. as i got closer and closer, the dpp pearson -- the d p t person would not allow me to even just get 2 ft. beyond the barricade soccer disembark. instead, they may be brought to the golden gate bridge, which is not where we could stop off anyway. at the south side of the bridge i stopped and got yelled at, but these people needed to get out. there's no place for me to drop off my passengers. they were here for your event. we need to look out closer for a drop off place for the folks who need access. as a cabdriver, i'm not looking to park at the marina green or at christie field. i will just be dropping off. maybe a little bit of consideration will be appropriate for the folks who need it. i had one person in a wheelchair and their family and i had to drop them off way out of the way. [tone] i would appreciate more out reached in that regard. thank you. >> thank you. >> mary toronto followed by david barlow. the >> good afternoon, chairman and directors. i am troubled today. your only giving us two minutes. i hope on ite
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